Additional Experiences:


            As Office Manager of Smithfield’s Management Corp. I supervised four people.  I was responsible for computerizing the Management Office to include setting up a network of computers and writing programs to compute and produce bi-monthly Profit and Loss Statements for twelve locations.  Wrote programs to computerize payroll input and produce payrolls for processing.  I was responsible for training and teaching all personnel in the main office in the use of computers and various programs.  As collection Agent, I was responsible for the collection of all dishonored checks from all locations, with an 85% recovery rate.  Additionally, I was responsible for the review and posting of the daily cash reports from each of the twelve locations.  I had written and oral interaction with customers and various suppliers.


            As Owner and Operator of Tom’s Tax ‘N Bookkeeping I had written and oral interaction with customers.  Balancing and entering various entries into the general ledger, cash receipts journal, and cash disbursement’s journal.  I preformed weekly and monthly balancing and closing of the general ledger.  I also produced weekly and monthly balance sheets and income statements.  I also preformed payroll computations and computerized payroll record keeping and reporting the IRS on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basic.  Preformed and created year end closing of all accounts and creating and filed all necessary tax returns with State and Federal agencies.


            As Department Manager of the Separation Section, Disbursing Office, Camp Lejenue, North Carolina, I was accountable for interpreting regulations and directives to ensure that final payment was made too approximately 500 Marines per month on a timely and accurate basic.  Additionally was responsible for ensuring the development of a comprehensive computer program for computerizing the final payment to Marines.  I supervised 12 personnel, and had written and oral interaction with customers and various suppliers.


            As Assistance Office Manager, I supervised 35 personnel; I also severed as Security Terminal Officer for the Disbursing Office, New River, North Carolina.  I was accountable for ensuring the security of telex terminals in the office which were connected to the Regional Automated Service Center, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina and to the main frames at the Marine Corps Finance Center, Kansas City, Mo.  I had written and oral interaction with customers and various suppliers.


            As Quality Assurance Manager, I ensured the accuracy of travel and payroll payments,  I was accountable for ensuring correct procedures were followed for computing the payments of separating Marines.  I ensured that all papers submitted by various sections were correct and accurate before payment was made.  Was personally accountable for funds; ensured cash verification was conducted at least once a month.  I was chargeable for monitoring the internal flow of personnel and documents within the disbursing office.  I had written and oral interaction with customers and various suppliers.


            As Office Manager of the Central Travel Office, Okinawa, Japan, I was accountable for receiving and making payments of approximately 4000 travel claims per month within twenty-four hours after the arrival of personnel aboard the island of Okinawa, Japan.  I supervised 45 personnel, including twelve civilian personnel.  I was responsible for work scheduling, hiring, and employee interviews.  I was also accountable for amounts of money in excess of Two Million dollars at any given time.  I was also required to interpret regulations and directives, formulate policies and procedures relative to disbursement and collection matters.  I advised commanders and their respective staffs on all matters concerning the technical aspects of disbursing regulations, and directives that control performance.   I had written and oral interaction with customers and various supplies.